Maribou State at The 02 Academy, Bournemouth

After several years on the periphery, London production two-piece Maribou State are edging closer towards the nerve-centre of UK electronic music, Their debut album Portraits was released in June, and they’ve been playing a number of high profile sets, as well as using their live band at some performances. Most notably inSYNC caught the pair at Glastonbury for an excellent late night DJ set, and at Reading in the afternoon for a chilled live band set.


Although Maribou State have played set so much this summer, they still never stray too far from their space producing in the studio. They always lean towards the warmer, synth-heavy house sound, but that only makes the pair evermore unique in what they produce. They use the ebbs and flows of the modern dance floor to create tracks centred around atmosphere and mood, as well as melody and tone.

Although they sometimes perform a live set, in Bournemouth they were just set up with DJ decks. The pair’s synthetic, digitised sounds create a laid-back atmosphere. It was a nice way to warm up the night. Marabou State played from 12 until 1, setting up the stage nicely for Shadow Child. The slow, measured synths at the end of their single ‘Rituals’ come in like water filling up the room, creating these gorgeous emotional swells that intertwine seamlessly between the grandiose and the tranquil. Maribou State are something special, and different.


The pair are excellent producers, and watching them live shows evidence that they are prepared to move away from the more immediate gratification of UK club culture in favour of something altogether more considered, slowly nudging their listeners towards moments of experimental bliss instead of arriving there fully formed. The amazing thing about Maribou State’s music is that you can listen to it at home with your eyes closed or at your desk whilst your mind wanders as much as you can within a club at four in the morning. These are complicated songs without ever really sounding complicated, which allows them to twist, turn and unfold completely naturally and of their own accord.

Hopefully it’s not long before we encounter the pair again, because seeing them live is something that has to be done.

Venue – 9/10

DJ/Band – 8/10

Music – 8/10

Overall – 8/10

Tobi Stidolph

Press Manager & inSYNC Writer


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