‘Music, Makers & Machines’ Launches on Google Arts & Culture

A number of big names in the electronic music community have come together during the Covid-19 Pandemic, with the support of Google’s not-for-profit platform, to create Music, Makers & Machines. This is an interactive collection of works that celebrates the history and cultural legacy of electronic music. This permanent online exhibition is now available for anyone to access. The non-profit Google Arts & Culture puts the treasures, stories and knowledge of over 2,000 cultural institutions from 80 countries at your fingertips. It’s your doorway to explore art, history, and wonders of the world. Now it’s lent its platform to the electronic music industry.

This exhibition was proudly created through the collaboration of more than fifty international partners spanning fifteen countries. Through their input and hard work these institutions have captured some of the most vital parts that electronic music has played in influencing cultural movements, places and technology. Although lockdown has denied us the chance to go and dance many assets featured will transport viewers back into the club. This highly immersive exhibition presents augmented reality features, over 13,000 archived photos and videos, 200 online exhibits, 360 degree tours and 3D scans.


Electronic music truly brings people from all walks of life together and its community has always been one of creativity and shared experiences. Although clubs have been cruelly taken away as a result of the Coronavirus fans and musicians have remained unionised through new online forums and formats. In this spirit, important cultural archives, museums, collections, record labels, festivals and some of the music industry’s leading experts and pioneers galvanise on Google Arts & Culture and YouTube to offer a gateway to learn about electronic music: Music, Makers & Machines.

The exhibition can be viewed now at the URL below or through the Google Arts & Culture app available to download for iOS and Android.



Tobi Stidolph

Press Manager & inSYNC Writer


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