Porridge Radio at The 1865, Southampton

Ambitious Brighton-based indie outfit Porridge Radio have made their presence firmly recognised in the UK as well as across the pond in the US in recent years and especially following the release of their third album ‘Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky’. Coming up through the DIY scene, securing landmarks in their legacy such as cover stories with NME and an upcoming headline show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, the four- piece maintain that they are (and have been) one of the most promising bands around at the moment. Embarking on a 13 date tour of the UK showcasing their latest album, they bring their show to Southampton’s largest independent venue The 1865.

There was a certain kind of buzz outside the venue while waiting for doors to open, chatting to a few folks in line it was clear from the get go that the band have loyal fans with a fair few coming from far towns for the show. Demographics were varied with youngster indie teens with regular Radio-6-dads all keen to get inside.

Starting proceedings for the night were Memory Of Speke who delivered a high tempo, jazz/blues infused display that certainly captured the slow-filling audiences attention with catchy songs and comedic presence on stage. The group were very sure of themselves as they navigated their set, leaving a lasting feeling of promise in the audience for the future of their sound.


Following the openers, Alaskalaska came next to the bill with a set that certainly felt right at home given the headliners to come. With a smooth rigidity to their sound, the South London group headed by Lucinda Duarte-Holman and Fraser Rieley delivered new tracks from their sophomore album ‘Still Life’ as well as selections from their debut ‘The Dots’. Floaty synths combined with Duarte-Holman’s atmospheric vocals filled the room with an undeniable sense of magic. Notable tracks from the set include ‘TV Dinners’, which had an almost tribal sense of repetition embedded in it’s poetic storytelling, and title track of their recent release ‘Still Life’ with which brought a little more up beat vibe throughout the audience. Definitely a band with serious potential that I have no doubt they will meet and exceed in the not-too-distant future.

After spending the final intermission in the smoking area where the air was filled with excitement, it was time for headliners Porridge Radio. 00s mega hit ‘White Flag’ by Dido played loud as the crowd, who were definitely enjoying the venues selection of beers by this point, shouted the words loud enough for the band to take to the stage and begin their 15 song set which included songs from both record releases as well as some singles released inbetween. Starting out strong with ‘Give/Take’, front woman Dana Margolin felt the anticipation in the room and ran with it, swiftly settling in as she provided her emotion- invoking vocals and songwriting.

Moving through the first half of the set, there was no doubt at all that this band have a firm grip over the audience. Performing songs ‘7 Seconds’, ‘End of Last Year’ and ‘Splintered’ the latest album certainly sounded just as refined live as it does on the record. The crowd, fronted by the aforementioned indie youth, screamed words back at Margolin which were held by synths from Georgie Stott, creating a rather beautiful bond as the words resonate with every line. Starting off with more ethereal songs initially seemed to be somewhat questionable but as songs like ‘U Can Be Happy If U Want To’ and ‘The Rip’ rolled around, the pace had truly lifted and the atmosphere intensified. With sweat coating the room, the set was drawing to a close with ‘Long’ followed by ‘Back To The Radio’, two songs which definitely left the crowd yearning for more. Following the age old ‘just nipping off before we come back for the encore’ debrief, the band returned to the stage to round out the show, delivering title track ‘Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky’ as well as closer ‘Sweet’. Roars of applause saw the band leave the stage once and for all as chat had already began with the discussion of what just happened.

Throughout the set, Porridge Radio managed to command the audience with the tune of a band wise beyond their years, one thing for sure is that this band is going to continue to take the scene by storm and I for one am locked in, ready for the continuing rise of these noisemakers!


Tobi Stidolph

Press Manager & inSYNC Writer


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