Boomtown Wipes The Slate Clean

After more than six months of disruption and chaos from Covid-19, some festivals and events have begun to release information of their future plans post this global pandemic. 2020 has seen all festivals and events across Europe be halted amidst public safety fears and this, coupled with a lack of support from government in the UK, will surely see many festivals and events not return in the coming months. Despite cases of the disease being back on the rise in parts of the UK, some festivals are pushing ahead with 2021 plans seemingly with the optimism that they WILL be going ahead. Winchester’s immersive wonderland Boomtown Fair is one of those, and yesterday’s announcement outlined this musical and theatrical event’s future.

Festival organisers have now boasted their total reset of the festival and its usual continuous story; starting afresh next year with Chapter One: The Gathering. This reshuffle includes a site layout rejig, reduced ticket prices, a brand new story and also there will now not be a prior lineup released for the event. Boomtown was quoted saying, “Resetting from the foundations to allow us to really get things right and to be the forward-thinking, progressive, and inspirational festival community we know we can be. By starting a brand new story with Chapter One: The Gathering, this allows us even more scope to start afresh, with our ethos, creativity and ambition all aligning into one combined vision.”

One of the main newly announced changes will be the reimagined layout of the festival. The new city will now be totally encapsulated in what was the festival’s infamous Downtown area, with the surrounding woodland, like Tribe of Frog, remaining as hedonistic and secretive dance spaces. Each main stage will now be a brand new concept and Boomtown has promised that this will be their most detailed festival to date with more intricate sets in the city and more chill out areas to escape the madness.

We await patiently for the festival to release more information about their future plans. Tickets are now on sale for the event and going fast! To buy tickets for 2021’s Boomtown, go to their site now –


Tobi Stidolph

Press Manager & inSYNC Writer


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