Our Interview With L Plus

This new release is by Technique artist L Plus. L Plus is a longstanding dnb DJ starting off in Slovakia in 1998. L Plus is a producer whose got a deep musical understanding and can hold his audience’s attention. We have been lucky enough to get an interview with the artist himself.


Technique Recordings was founded in 1999 by dnb duo Drumsound & Bassline Smith. The label has made a great contribution to the UK dnb scene and hosts such artists as Crissy Criss and Kronology.


1/ How did you get into DJing drum & bass?

Whie studying architecture at Technical University I met 2 friends who discovered drum&bass in 1998. We bought a belt drive hi-fi turntable remaked into DJ turntable with pitch control and started to buy vinyls from Vienna. In few months we got our first regular gig in legendary underground club in Bratislava, Slovakia.

2/ What is it about drum & bass as a genre that makes you want to produce it?

I love that energy hidden in it. Many times I got an idea to make slow atmospheric track, but I started to feel nervous in the middle and I have to quit. I need to feel that power that drives you crazy. 

3/ Who is the best DJ/producer you’ve worked with and why?

Working with Simon on finalising my tunes is for me as the university of drum&bass. He is really that man you feel happy when he is in contact with you. And now I’m finishing a tune with John B, which is really next level. We’re on the same mood from the start of this project and every feedback we send to each other moves that tune higher. These 2 guys are for me real professionals.

4/ What is your creative process? How do you go about making new music?

At first inspiration is everywhere, even when you’re sitting on a terrace of mainstream bar. Shazam is my pocketbook. I always work on different projects and jumping from one to other and other. That makes me have distance when I get back to older project and it’s easy to continue on it with fresh head. 

5/ Tell us about the new track ‘Avenger’. How did it come about?

I was discovering some older Massive presets when I came to that one which I think it can sound good. Instantly I knew what can I do with it, so I change the sound a bit and make tons of versions of 1st drop. It goes really quickly and in few days it was delivered into Simon’s dropbox.


Tobi Stidolph

Press Manager & inSYNC Writer


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