Shadow Child at Switch, Southampton – Interview & Review

Previously know as Dave Spoon, Shadow Child has been an influential man in defining quality main-room house mixes, especially with his 2013 album, that has some of the most summer-defining tacks on. The album, though chops and changes each song with some house and garage-inspired rerubs.

The Portsmouth DJ really does show a masterclass of skill, and his pumper-up, groove-house sound made sure Switch were not left short. Shadow Child filled the room with energy and a combination of driven beats and sharp bassy-house cuts made his set the best of the night.

You might be asking then, as Shadow Child is so good at what he does and a large succession of house releases under his alias ‘Dave Spoon’, why he went for a name change. Radio 1 regular, Shadow Child, seems to be craving a darker, more bassy edge to his mixes, and he’s certainly been nailing that under the Shadow Child banner.

Whatever you might think about the Portsmouth DJ, he has a lot of talent, and under all his alias’ has done extremely well in the industry. See our interview with Shadow Child ahead of the gig last weekend.

We caught up with Shadow Child before the set:

- Is this the first time you’ve played a set in Southampton?

No.. I’ve played various venues in Southampton over the years, in my old guise and as Shadow Child too.

- If so, do you like playing here?

Always yeah, proper crowd most of the time too that know the music but are open minded to what DJ’s might throw at them too.

- What would be your top tip to give someone who wants to start DJing?

The best thing I learnt was when I worked at a regular FriSat night type club years ago and played to a crowd who didn’t give a shit who was DJing. I learnt to read a crowd properly and stopped DJing like I was in my bedroom making mixtapes. It’s a totally different thing and I took so much from that soon as I had my first success, and started touring globally.. priceless stuff!

- Who is your biggest musical influence?

I get asked this a lot.. It was Sasha back in the 90’s, he woke me up to the actual art of playing a set rather than just playing records. It’s a musical thing.. I’m a musician first and DJ second, so the way he did things (and probably still does things) spoke to me.

- Are we expecting to see any new music from yourself soon?

Yeah there’s always loads around, I’ve actually considered the opposite and wanted to step away for a bit. I’ve had a constant stream of music around since 2012. The most recent is “The Moon” with Friend Within on out Food Music DNA album.. next up are a couple more collabs with other producers so keep yer eyes and ears peeled!

- What is your most memorable moment whilst playing a set?

Creamfields Silent Disco in 2013.. one of the best and most surreal DJing experiences I ever had.


Tobi Stidolph

Press Manager & inSYNC Writer


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