Our Interview With Alan Fitzpatrick

Alan Fitzpatrick is a British techno legend from Southampton. His career began in 2009, when he signed to Swedish label Drumcode. The same year he also published on John Digweed’s label Bedrock. Fitzpatrick produced his first album, dubbed ‘Shadows in the Dark’, which was released in 2010 also on the Drumcode label. This did well on the techno scene, and Fitzpatrick’s tracks began getting remixed by other big name techno artists including Gary Beck and Adam Beyer.
The DJ/producer has continued releasing singles and EPs on Drumcode, as well as launching his own label ‘8 Sided Dice’. Alan Fitzpatrick has continued to raise his DJing profile, notably in 2012 when he released his ‘Skeksis’ EP.  He has now also released material on Sven Vath’s label Cocoon Recordings.
We were lucky enough to catch up with Alan ahead of his set at Bristol’s super-club Motion:
Hi Alan,
1/ What is it about techno that makes you want to DJ and produce it over other dance music genres?
I’m a bit old school when it comes to this because I kind of believe the music chooses you, not the other way around. I’ve always enjoyed a lot of different styles of dance music since I was a teenager – hardcore, jungle, trance, hard house, acid house, tech house – but techno has been a constant for me and when it came to the point around 2007 when I decided to write music under my own name, techno was the natural choice for me.
2/ How does it feel to be able to make a mix for one of the UK’s best and most famous nightclubs?
It’s amazing. I used to go to Fabric as a punter all the time back in the early to mid 2000’s. I’d travel up to London from Southampton with my mates, party all night long and then get the train back home on Sunday morning. Then I think my first gig there was 2011 and I’ve been lucky enough to play the club at least 2 or three times a year ever since. In Room 1 and Room 2. So for me Fabric was the one club that made sense for me to make a mix for. It feels like my UK clubbing home. 
3/ What is your motivation for making music?
Music is my passion. Always has been. Not just techno or electronic music but all sorts of stuff from funk and soul to rock and pop. I grew up in a very music-orientated family. Music was always being played at home or in the car. My uncles and aunts would talk tome about music. My friends at school were all really into music. Its pretty much the one thing that connects everyone I know and it’s something that I feel very personally. Music in general, but also making and playing music fulfils me. It makes me happy. That’s the motivation.
4/ Growing up listening to funk and soul, how has this influence your music today?
It is hard to pick any direct links because stylistically the music I make is so different to those genres, but I do feel like I have a broad taste in music and this has given me a wide palette of influences, which is very helpful when writing music because I rarely find myself short of inspiration. I’d also say that being tuned into different styles of music helps me be a little braver with how I approach the creative process. If all you know is techno then you will write very techno-y techno, but if you have a knowledge of different styles these can influence your creativity and what comes out is more of a hybrid sound. If you follow me?! 
5/ How is it for you to get to play in some of the world’s best clubs, like Motion?
I am very grateful for the opportunity I have to play in great clubs each week and in front of really knowledgeable and energetic crowds.  I’ve served my time on the circuit and along with that I’ve played my fair share of naff gigs. The sound might have been terrible. There might have been 15 people on the dance floor. I might not have been paid. It’s all part of graduating up through the ranks, but it sure makes you appreciate the good times when they do eventually happen. I’ve only played Motion once before and I was really impressed with the place. The crowd were really up for it and there was a great energy, so I am excited to be coming back. 
Thanks a lot Alan.
See Alan Fitzpatrick at Motion, Bristol on Sunday May 1st alongside Catz ‘n Dogz, Patrick Topping and more. Tickets available at: https://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?808911
Tobi Stidolph

Press Manager & inSYNC Writer


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