Preview: Foreverland’s 1st Birthday

To anyone who is familiar with the Bournemouth clubbing scene, the name Foreverland always sparks an interest. Ever since the first Foreverland at The Old Firestation, 12 months ago, it has been an event to take note of, even venturing out of Bournemouth, bringing the ‘Forever Young’ experience to Southampton and Cardiff. The name attracts some of the biggest artists in the electronic music scene, such as Preditah, Cause & Affect and MJ Cole. The impressive line-ups that Foreverland has offered in the past are not the events only selling points however, the night famously offers original entertainment to complement the music and vibe of the night, such as ball pits, Space Hoppers and Bucking Broncos. On the 12th of March, Foreverland returns for its first birthday, and we expect it to live up to the high quality production we have all come to expect.


To celebrate their first year, the organisers have also promised even more in terms of production, with stilt walkers, fire breathers, angle grinders, stage performers and of course… birthday cake and party bags! Sounds like a lot of fun to be had.

Now onto the line up – DJ Q, returning for his second time at Foreverland, is highly regarded with Bassline, and grime listeners. These are two genres that seem to naturally complement Foreverland. He has a knack for banging out a set that perfectly suits the mood of the night. Luckily for us, Artful Dodger is also headlining, a familiar name for anyone who has ever been interested in garage music. It is always a pleasure to see him play as he consistently lives up to his name. However, Dj Q and Artful Dodger are not the only big talking points of the night. Yungen is a young grime artist that has been gaining a lot of attention due to his recent beef with a big rival UK MC. This is a pivotal time of Yungen’s career and it’s a hot time to be seeing him live. Hopefully he will perform well enough to live up to all his newfound hype.

Overall, there are enough factors to this night to assume Foreverland’s first birthday will another enthusing night. We hope it lives up to our high expectations!

By Issac Hirsch Parker

George Hall

inSYNC Editor


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