Fatima Yamaha at Motion, Bristol

After months of anticipation, world-renowned DJ, Fatima Yamaha, returned to Bristol for a special set in the main room at Bristol’s stimulating Motion venue. This being my first time seeing Fatima Yamaha live, I can tell you, it did not disappoint. From the moment he walked onto the stage, the noise levels from the crowd skyrocketed and I knew immediately this was going to be a set to remember. This being a relatively early start time for a Motion event, the energy from everyone in the crowd seemed to be up a level compared to when DJs play in the early hours of the morning.


When it comes to live sets, Fatima Yamaha’s unique sound can bring raw energy to any crowd and puts a spark in everyone’s feet. Motion’s main room, being the largest of the rooms at the venue, provided everyone with some fiery light visuals which matched perfectly with the timing of his melodic beats. Yamaha covered a wide range of electronic styles and with so much hype around the track “What’s A Girl To Do” it’s easy to overlook some of Fatima’s other strong productions. One of these being “Sooty Shearwater, King Of Migration”, which was a personal highlight from his set. The rest of the set included boogie like rhythms that kept everyone going right until the end. Once he played what we thought was the final song, he walked into the back room behind the main stage, only to reappear, with everyone cheering to play one final song. Fatima never wants the party to stop!

For people who weren’t able to attend this event, you do not want to miss out when he’s next in town.


  • The set included a wide range of different electronic styles.
  • High energy from the crowd right throughout.
  • Relatively short set.
  • Excellent production and light show.

inSYNC Rating – 8.0/10.0


Tom Welch


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