Our Interview with Modestep

British alternative rock band Modestep formed in 2010 and have enjoyed a wealth of success through their studio albums and on the festival circuit. Recently they performed at the sixth annual Jägermeister Ice Cold Gig, on a space net suspended from a peak of a New Zealand mountain. We had the previlidge to chat to Josh from the band.


1/ Modestep, you’ve been a band since 2010. How does it feel to have been in a band this long, and how do you feel your musical style has grown over the past seven years?

I feel like musically we’ve been experimenting lots, especially with production. Our first record had the kind of vibes that connected with people, lots of uplifting catchy songs with a dubstep feel but because we were so new to production, the overall quality and consistency suffered. Our second record was an exercise in learning the ropes in more technical and varied production. It really taught us a lot, and started to free our creativity in terms of what we could imagine in our minds and then put down onto a record. This next record we intend to merge the two.

2/ Recently you played the Ice Cold Gig in association with Jägermeister. What was that experience like?

It was the best week of our life. Hanging (no pun intended) with some of the coolest and most talented people and playing music in an environment that nobody had ever played in before.

3/ What is it about the musical genre of Modestep that you find so appealing? What drives you to want to create even more music?

We feel like there is no genre, and thats whats appealing to us. There are far too many boundaries in music these days, too many people making the same song over and over and very few are experimenting with new sounds. That’s the ethos of Modestep and the drive behind wanting to continue.

4/ In the past couple of years you have been privileged to play at festivals like Reading & Leeds and Glastonbury. How does it feel to be asked to be involved in these iconic events?

Reading festival was my go-to festival every year as a kid. I’ve seen some of the biggest legends in music (Muse/Rage Against The Machine/Red Hot Chillis) play on that main stage. I would have never in a million years imagined that I would be on that stage at any point in my life, never mind supporting the likes of Metallica. It was mind blowing.

5/ Finally, you’ve just released your new single ‘Higher’, what else do you have in the pipeline for upcoming music?

We have a new song coming out once every few months, eventually leading up to our third album. Keep your eyes peeled.

See the video of Modestep’s Ice Cold Gig below:

Tobi Stidolph

Press Manager & inSYNC Writer


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