Pharrell Williams Says Cee-Lo Green Was Meant To Sing Happy

In an interview with Howard Stern, Pharrell Williams confessed that Cee-Lo Green was meant to record his hit song ‘Happy’ years before Pharrell sang the chart-topping song. ‘It didn’t fit his agenda,’ Pharrell told Stern, in an attempt at staying vague. ‘He had bigger fish to fry. He had an album to put out.’ When Stern called him out on not exactly answering the question, Pharrell just laughed and said, ‘I danced around it pretty good though.’

Cee-Lo Green’s team felt that his 2012 album should be top of priorities and that ‘Happy’ wasn’t right for him. But, this does;t explain ‘why’. To be honest the song does sound exactly like something Cee-Lo would sing.

But it wasn’t Cee-Lo’s fault. ‘He was totally down with it,’ said Pharrell. He added, ‘And he sounded amazing. I mean, he burns my version.’ Listen to the interview on SoundCloud below.


Tobi Stidolph

Press Manager & inSYNC Writer