Our Interview With Lauren Lo Sung

Hailing from Liverpool, Lauren Lo Sung is one of the UK’s best up and coming tech/house DJs. Already gaining herself a residency at one of Birmingham’s best nightclubs, the young female producer has got a bright future ahead of her. Sung already has some high profile gigs lined up including a set at the Manchester Albert Hall, Parklife Festival and flying out to Ibiza this summer.


We caught up with Lauren in an exclusive interview before her set alongside Hot Since 82 at London’s Printworks next weekend. Read below:

1/ Are you still holding a residency at TRMNL in Birmingham? What’s important to you about having a regular set?

I sure am. I’ve been a resident for them for around 3 years now. It’s exciting to play new places, but can also be daunting as you don’t know what to expect. I love having a residency because the crowd are familiar and you get to learn what works well with them, each time is a new experience as you’re always playing with different acts, but the space is the same and the people, so it feels like a second home. I always get really excited about playing TRMNL as the sound system, lighting and vibe is second-to-none.

2/ You’re from Liverpool, what is the club scene like there in comparison to other UK cities?

Liverpool’s club scene is on fire at the moment! There’s a diverse range of house and techno events on every week. Lots of intimate parties like my LOLiFE event for example – as well as larger scale ones like CIRCUS. In comparison to other UK cities, I would honestly say that it is in the top five best places to party in the UK. London will always be top, but Liverpool really has a special feel to it, with lots of up-and-coming DJs playing, as well as the more established ones.

3/ You’re about to release a four track EP named ‘Tresor’, how did this come about? Why do you feel now is the right time to release the new EP?

I play a lot of DJ Steaw’s music, I’m a massive fan of his Rutilance/Steward labels. I posted a video of me playing one of his tracks and he ended up seeing it and we linked up on Facebook. I sent him some of my unreleased music and he loved it and wanted me to be the first release on his label ‘House Puff’. I had been playing ‘Tresor’ for a while, the feedback had been great and I get a lot of messages asking me what the track is after I’ve played it, so I can’t wait to finally have it released on wax. I’ve not released an EP for almost a year now, but my sound has really developed and I’m much happier with the music I’m making lately – it feels like the right time to get some of my newer stuff out.

4/ You’re set to play at Printworks in London. How does it feel to get the opportunity to play at London’s newest cultural destination?

When the request first came in I was buzzing, it hadn’t opened yet but I had heard all about the plans for it. Now that it’s open it looks like it’s lived up to its expectations and more. Every week I see people raving on about how good it is, it really does look like a completely different clubbing experience to anything else I’ve seen. ‘Room 2′, which I’ll be playing in looks unreal too, the lighting in there is meant to be amazing and I really cannot wait to test out their sound system!

5/ Do you think the opening of Printworks is an important milestone for London as an arts venue after the recent problems venues like Fabric has incurred?

Without a doubt yes. London has always had thriving nightlife, one of the best in the world. When Fabric closed its doors it was a nightmare for the world of clubbing, but now that it’s re-opened and the exciting new Printworks space has opened, the city is back to where it should be – on top. Clubbing is crucial for the culture of London and Printworks opening is a milestone for the UK as a whole.

6/ What is your opinion on Printworks tapping into the up and coming ‘day party’ scene rather than opening like a late license nightclub?

It’s good to be different and now you can go to a day party as well as a night party. If you can last! Festivals are day time things and they have a different feel to them than night time events, personally, I like it. I think it’s a nice change to going out in the evening, you also get more time to recover from your hangover, as usually hits you through the night instead of on the Sunday! Ha ha!

Tickets and info at: https://www.facebook.com/events/673885159452744/


Tobi Stidolph

Press Manager & inSYNC Writer


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