Jaguar Skills at Halo, Bournemouth, March 20th

Jaguar Skills; renowned for his expansive knowledge of music from all genre’s, incredible light shows and unforgettable DJ sets.

Yet another brilliant performance at Halo, Bournemouth on the 20th March 2015, although perhaps not his best. His unusual ‘cut & paste’ style of mixing along side his ambiguous ninja style persona has helped Mr. Skills to create a very unique character which his fans, including myself continue to enjoy. However, when you’re creating such good quality mixes on a regular basis you do happen to come across the issue of becoming your own competition.

I have attended every event Jaguar skills has played in Bournemouth since 2013 and I have to say this was not one of his best. Taking that into account his undoubtable skill and passion is very clear, although this may not have been one of my favourite DJ sets from him, I still enjoyed every second; from the iconic Jaguar skills jingle with the power to send mobs of people rushing from the smoking area to the front of the stage within seconds to the final track, in this case One Love by Bob Marley. If you aren’t fully enticed by the sound of Jaguar Skills then his classic Sega Genesis style Mortal Kombat backdrop is more than enough to keep you entertained. The combination of the FINISH HIM countdown and incredible unexpected drops there really isn’t anything to dislike. He simply has a way with decks which gives his the ability to change the atmosphere in a room from a chilled reggae vibe to dirty hardcore bass line within seconds.

They don’t call him jaguar skills for nothing; with the variety of the genre’s he chooses to use and the surprising nature of his tempo change I do not think we will be seeing the end of him any time soon.

By Connor McGregor

George Hall

inSYNC Editor


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