Todd Terje at The Great Suffolk Street Warehouse, London

Andromeda 54: Warehouses & Werewolves

Halloween is always a crowded market for promoters. Every DJ booked, every venue busy and every potential crowd member somewhere else. So for Percolate, throwing a massive warehouse rave with three huge names was a risk – especially with the price they were asking for on final release. Todd Terje, Maribou State and Crazy P headlined the Saturday night rave.

Speaking to people inside, The Great Suffolk Street Warehouse venue was a huge draw. Its’ two huge rooms, Arch 1 and Arch 2, allowed the organisers to get creative with their visuals. The imaginative décor was immediately obvious. Snaking through the well-organised queue, the crowd gradually glimpses the space-inspired objects hanging from the high ceilings.

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The main room’s disco ball proved a huge attention draw for the majority of the crowd. Hundreds of eyes fixated on a sphere changing from a Pumpkin to Iron man and back. The second room, still a huge space, was more minimal in its lighting and design. A spaceship dominated the room and echoed the look of the DJ booth. The portaloos and truck gave it a festival vibe, smelling a bit of a piss, but this avoids the dark and dodgy corners where questionable characters can sometimes lurk at these events.

Although the three headliners were very strong bookings, it was sad to see Maribou State and Crazy P clashed. Perhaps the consequence of such a hectic schedule for DJs on big nights like these.

We found ourselves at Crazy P – disco legends that go back to the 90’s. Paired with an excellent sound and lighting set up, the track selection was good. Although it’s definitely worth noting nobody should be dropping EDM-tinged edits of Adele tracks at a disco night. Ever.

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Todd Terje followed straight after to an incredible reaction from the crowd. Hundreds of hands in the air with not a Snapchat filter in sight. A rare thing these days. His live set was a highlight of the past few months, a fast paced, euphoria-driven hour of elation. Of course Inspector Norse sent the 4am crowd into overdrive – something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

If you haven’t seen Todd Terje. Go. He remains one of the most talented artists that you can see in the UK. If you don’t know him, listen to his album and check out his latest release on Soundcloud. Percolate have once again proved they truly are the party people. A well organised event with an incredible crowd lead to a truly magical night. As they celebrate their fourth birthday the number of great events go on. You can catch Crazy P (live) in a couple of weeks time at Oval Space.

Venue – 9.0

DJ/Band – 8.0

Music – 8.0

Overall – 25.0

© Photography by Wisdom Makubile for Here & Now (

Charlie Mott


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