Skream’s Open To Close Tour Continues In Birmingham

“Demonstrating his prowess behind the decks, expansive knowledge and genre-hopping ability to mix, Skream will play from start to finish in the Blackbox, taking party-goers on a sonic dance floor adventure for 8 full hours”

Skream, AKA ‘Ollie Jones’ is on a roll. The 25-year-old DJ from South London is also a producer and one of the original ‘dubsteppers’. He was all over the cover of NME last year with the Magnetic Man co-stars Benga and Artwork. If you hadn’t noticed that is the song that propelled him to mainstream success then you probably don’t know Skream! His debut album peaked at Number 5 on the charts and if that’s not something that stands out, I don’t know what is. If you didn’t see him playing one of his latest shows on the back of a rickshaw travelling through London well, you also missed out on that too. Despite his globetrotting experiences, mainly around the US, in the times of the EDM boom, it feels Skream felt this wasn’t the direction he intended to go in, and his dubstep roots changed to disco, and disco has now changed to house and tech.


We can all accept Skream is a crowd pleaser, whether he means to be or not, and whether the 4/4 wagons were meant to stop at the mainstream station. It seems his lifestyle and carefree attitude is portrayed in his energetic and original sounds of house and high profile techno, and it was only a matter of time before his sound caught onto the underground dance and electronic music scene. He really is a pioneer in the sound of dubstep and I think as music fans we all know this, but I can’t stress enough how much I personally believe his new era of sound has effected current DJ’s, and will continue to long into the future. I read in Vice once that Skream stated he knew the difference between a ‘raver’ and a ‘clubber’ and I can safely say I don’t think he will see many ‘clubbers’ at his Open-Close tour across the UK.

Rainbow Venues in Birmingham is hosting probably one of the most anticipated events of the year for me, with acts such as Route 94, Doorly, Arun Verone, Paradox City, Rothstein Music and of course Skream all stepping behind the decks! It can’t possibly be a bad night! I know they are always highly anticipated and I know you may have seen Skream fifty times before, but lets be honest with ourselves, each and every time was better than the last, right?

The DJ and producer will play clubs in London, Dublin, Southampton, Edinburgh, Manchester, Portsmouth, Bristol, Leeds and Glasgow, ALL FROM OCTOBER TO DECEMBER! Skream said he picked his favourite venues all the way from London to Rotterdam and he will promise to play from the moment the doors open until the lights come on at a silly hour in the morning. This will give all his fans a chance to hear the mainstream songs and also the songs he doesn’t usually get the chance to play in the normal one to two hour sets. If you ask me, its going to be perfect!


Tobi Stidolph

Press Manager & inSYNC Writer


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