Shadow Child To Play Switch, Southampton

English DJ and producer, Shadow Child, who became known most notably for his hits ‘Bad Girl (At Night)’ and ‘Baditude’ will play a set at Switch in Southampton. This is a near-home gig for the thirty-eight year old who originates from neighbouring city Portsmouth. Shadow Child, who was known as Dave Spoon prior to 2012, began his own record label, named Dirtybird Records, with Lewis of Kry Wolf, another electronic house duo.

Saturday 21st February will see Shadow Child head to Swtich, one of the best nightclubs in Southampton. He will play alongside Kry Wolf, as well as electronic female dance duo Eli & Fur, and Dan Reid. The seven hour set will make for a great night, and with Shadow Child being so close to home, I’m sure a number of home fans will make the trip to see the deep house virtuoso.

Check out one of Shadow Child’s best songs below, and look out for our review coming soon.

Tobi Stidolph

Press Manager & inSYNC Writer