Real Lies Support Foals at The O2 Guildhall, Southampton

Real Lies are a London-based electronic pop group formed in 2012. The band signed to Marathon Artists and have so far released four singles and an album on the label. The band’s critically acclaimed single ‘Deeper’ was what first put the band on the map.


The band’s single ‘Dab Housing’ premiered on BBC Radio 1’s Sunday Show with Annie Mac. This gave them more publicity, offer being compared to the likes of Mike Skinner and Peter Hook’s New Order. The London trio have been praised by a number of people in the music ability for their ability to embody what it is to be young and adrift in modern society, referencing places in North London from where they originate.

Their debut album was released just last month. Named ‘Real Life’, it received positive reviews from some big music players including NME, The Guardian and Clash Magazine. The release made it a perfect time to support one of the UK’s best live bands, Foals.

The band’s music evokes feelings about London that by some, have long since been covered over. The group’s musical talent is in no doubt lyrically fascinating and charmingly vulnerable, but their presence and performance on stage was less than convincing. Although it is hard to be the support act of any band, especially one as good as Foals, Real Lies came across drone-y. If only they had engaged the crowd, then their performance would have been stellar to kick off a fantastic gig. A shame for a clearly talented group.


Foals, though, where do I even begin? A personal favourite of mine, and a band that every time I see I don’t ever think they’ll get any better. But, how I’m so wrong! The way Foals conduct themselves through their set is incredibly impressive. Starting heavy, opening with new songs ‘Snake Oil’ and ‘Mountain At My Gates’. Progressing into a chilled out, elegant array of tracks including ‘Blue Blood’ and ‘Give It All’, and then everyone sitting down for classic ‘Spanish Sahara’. And then opening up the flood gates for ‘Inhaler’ and ‘What Went Down’. Foals are a band who don’t just play. They perform. A true journey on a stage.


This was a gig to remember, and I hope that Real Lies show off their talents on their own headline tour. As for Foals, we’ll see them in February at Wembley!

Real Lies:                                                                                                                                       Foals:

Venue – 8/10                                                                                                                    Venue – 8/10

DJ/Band – 5/10                                                                                                     DJ/Band – 10/10

Music – 5/10                                                                                                                 Music – 10/10

Overall – 6/10                                                                                                            Overall – 10/10

Tobi Stidolph

Press Manager & inSYNC Writer


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