Just Jack at Motion, Bristol

Just Jack once again returned to Bristol’s Motion nightclub with a lineup to please all fans of house, techno and dance music in general. The main attraction for the event was DJ Harvey’s all night long set in Motion’s warehouse. Harvey is known for bringing a vast variety of music to his sets. Everything ranging from the expected techno and house, to some more left-field ambient pieces, as well as a few dance classics thrown in for good measure. Motion’s decision to give him an all night set gave the crowd the perfect chance to experience his variety and not miss any of the set. He certainly did not disappoint.

Room 2 graced the crowd with two DJs, who perfectly captured the underground vibe that we have come to love in Motion’s Marble Factory. Steffi and Virginia impressed with a variable set of deep rolling techno and classic house music. Not too mention the acid style grooves that also permeated the set. The atmosphere in the dark, red lit Marble Factory was at its very best, and the very style of the music on offer was more than a perfect fit for the space.

Alastair Brookes / Entirety Labs

The infamous Tunnel played host to Interstellar Funk and Young Marco, two DJs that are not given enough credit for their worth. Both DJ’s also played great sets, but Dutchman Young Marco closed the event with possibly the set of the night. His unconventional taste in music brung some magical moments to the performance. His song choices left no disappointment with one of the best crowd-pleasing shows of the year so far. We hope to see him back in Bristol very soon.

For an underground music promoter that’s had over a decade of experience, for Just Jake it shows they know what they’re doing. With each event comes a unique vibe and one that I hope they can continue to replicate long into the future.



  • Another genre bending lineup from Just Jack.
  • Artists fitted well with the atmosphere of the night and venue.
  • Headliner playing all night.


  • Although a great lineup, there was only one big name DJ on the night, a small amount compared to other Just Jack nights.

Alastair Brookes / Entirety Labs

Tom Welch


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