inSYNC Abroad: Hector Couto at Wester Unie, Amsterdam

Last week inSYNC took a trip into Europe. Our first review from abroad comes straight out of Amsterdam with Spanish DJ and producer Hector Couto. Couto has created his very own trademark in producing a sound. He has the perfect balance of Chicago House and impetuous old-school techno giving his music a sound at the whim of the listener.

As described by the DJ’s website, ‘Hector’s style slots seamlessly into a space between driving groove, effusive funk full of feeling and moments of pure emotion’. This flows not only from Couto’s musical creativity and extensive rhetorical sound, but also from his interesting technique and his varied resources used when in the production studio. This has propelled the DJ forwardd, and help him gain some awards. Resident Advisor named him 53rd in the ‘Top 100 All-Time Charted Artists’ in 2014, and his was nominated for the Vicious Music Award for Best Artist of the Year in 2013.


Couto has had number of releases this year, and some of big labels like Defected and Hot Creations. The Spanish DJ has also conceived a new label of his own called ROUSH. This is decided to ‘expose his most personal and passionate musical side’. This label will feature artists like DJ Sneak, Tuccillo, Hector Moralez, Julien Sandre, and Jamie Trench, among many others.

Couto played at Wester Unie in Amsterdam, a nightclub made out like a proper warehouse. Everything is dark with blue and red lighting, as well as having metal stairways and walkways inside, and the steels of the building exposed. So much better than your standard nightclub. Hector Couto played an upbeat, engaging set, showing off his talents as a world class DJ. Although out of town a little way, Wester Unie is a place you have to visit if you’re heading to Holland’s capital.


Venue – 8/10

DJ/Band – 7/10

Music – 7/10

Overall – 7/10

Tobi Stidolph

Press Manager & inSYNC Writer


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