Hannah Wants at The O2 Academy, Bournemouth

If you think that its only men that go hard on a set of decks, then you have to meet Hannah Wants! Hannah has seemingly popped out of nowhere in recent months, flying onto DJ’s mixes with her sing ‘Dappy’. Although Hannah Wants has only just exploded in the UK, in reality she has now been on the scene for well over six years.

The self-taught DJ has attained notoriety for her cutting edge DJing style, and has subsequently become one of the most celebrated artists in the UK bass scene. 2013 saw Hannah Wants achieve the ‘People’s Choice Award’ at the ‘Bass Music Awards’, therefore highlighting the girl’s popularity. Ever since Miss Wants’ first trip to Ibiza in 2010, she has continually been on the rise, and ‘Dappy’ is what has gained her worldwide acclaim.

In Bournemouth Hannah Wants was on tour with Annie Mac on her AMP 2014 tour. Miss Wants graced the stage at the O2 Academy on the late, and sometimes hard-to-fill, slot of half three to five in the morning. Despite this, her upbeat bassy house set proved a winner for the hundreds of night warriors stood before her decks. Although the Birmingham girl’s set was straight after the great that is Annie Mac, she through everything at it. And it worked. People danced ’til the very end beat.

If you get a chance to see Hannah Wants DJ, go! An encouraging, active, and high energy set is always a good way to improve your mood, and it definitely won’t be long before this girl is headlining her own world tour.

Tobi Stidolph

Press Manager & inSYNC Writer