Emancipator at Motion, Bristol

A sleeping giant of the electronic music world, Douglas Appling, better known as Emancipator, has established himself within the scene. The artist launched his musical career back in 2006 whilst he was still at university, self-releasing his debut album ‘Soon It Will Be Cold Enough’. Emancipator has wowed audiences across the globe with his unique, downtempo beats, organic sounds and chilled out sets, releasing another three albums, as well as two remix albums and a live album. The twenty-nine year old has also founded his own record label and created a live band known as the ‘Emancipator Ensemble.


On a rare visit to the UK, the foursome brought Emancipator’s sound across the pond. Although Emancipator was originally a solo act, he recruited Ilya Goldberg to perform violin alongside him during live sets. In 2015, the duo was expanded to four, improving the Emancipator live experience with the use of a drummer and bassist. The group push the limits of what it means to be electronic musicians through their compelling, sophisticated performances. Another visit to the United Kingdom last month in aid of showing off more of Emancipator’s 2015 studio album ‘Seven Seas’.


The Emancipator Ensemble was certainly a highlight of 2016; a magical journey on the ears. Emancipator’s ability to play such a calming set, yet uplifting the audience is incredibly unique and not anything that I have felt at a gig before. Although set in one of Motion’s smaller rooms, with a lower ceiling, the increased atmosphere meant energy levels were high, but each of Emancipator’s produced sounds were audible, not at all lost, like some bands, within the live performance. Emancipator Ensemble is truly a spectacle; a beacon of electronic and organic musical talent.

Venue – 9.0

DJ/Band – 10.0

Music – 10.0

Overall – 29.0


Tobi Stidolph

Press Manager & inSYNC Writer


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