Discovering Neverland at Bournemouth’s Old Firestation, March 21st

Neverland is the newest night to be introduced to the already huge variety of events held at Bournemouth’s Students Union, The Old Firestation. With ‘We Are Your Friends’ and ‘Enter Drumfunk’ already satisfying the musical tastes of House and Drum and Bass fans, it was interesting to see an event taking a new angle. Neverland presents itself as a night of House, Garage, Grime and Disco with a range of DJ’s who were specialists to each of these genres.

There had been a lot of buzz from students talking about the night prior to the event, and as a student myself, I was sceptical to whether the night would be able to live up to the amount of hype it had received. But without a doubt, it did.

My favourite act of the night was The Golden Boy who played an hour long set. There was a euphoric atmosphere as he dropped ‘The Promise’, definitely one of his best hits, which you can watch from about 25 minutes in to the video below. The Golden Boy is definitely one to watch at the moment, with his remix of Lauryn Hill’s ‘That Thing’, which has already gained over 1 million views on Eton Messy’s YouTube channel. That a look at the video below, and you’ll get a feel of what this great DJ has to offer.

It was nothing but a joy to see some grime and garage tunes also played by the likes DJ Luck & MC Neat as well as the occasional Drum and Bass tracks.

As well as all this great music, Neverland chucked in a bouncy castle and a ball pit, which sounds like it could be a disaster in an area full of drunk students, and to some, an unnecessary feature. There’s been a lot of student nights which have tried gimmicks like this, and some actually take away from the enjoyment of the night, but it has to be said it did not in this case. The ball pit and castle weren’t too big to annoy those who didn’t want a go, but big enough for those who did – it was all just a bit of harmless fun! It didn’t distract from the music, though. Which is definitely a bonus.

Neverland was a fantastic night, giving something different than the big standard DJ set. You won’t want to miss the next one on the 9th May, which is already set to sell out with Monki headlining – you definitely won’t want to miss it. Be sure to check for our full preview for the next Neverland in the coming weeks.

George Hall

inSYNC Editor


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